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13 December 2015 @ 10:28 am
Nevermore by Rob Thurman  

When the Vigil’s latest attempt at killing Cal go horribly wrong and destroys everything that Cal loves, Cal will stop at nothing to set things right. That includes following a Vigil assassin through time to stop him from assassinating a younger version of himself and trying to warn Niko and his friends about the danger they face in the future without destroying that future completely.

This book didn’t have an ending! The story is going to continue in another book next year, which is so aggravating, because all of the books of this series have been self contained stories up until now, I wasn’t expecting the non-ending of this book.

I guess the ridiculously slow pace of the book makes sense in retrospect if it wasn’t going to end in this one, because it took way too many pages before anyone actually did anything about the assassin sent back in time. Too much of the book was spent on Cal’s inner thoughts once again.

Grade: F