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Don't ever let yourself think that somebody isn't human because you don't like

what he does or what he wears or how he prays. - David Drake

Coral Smith
6 October 1981
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I love to read, write and watch TV. I love history and have been known to rant for nearly a week at movies that butcher history. Mostly I study European and Asian history before Christianity, though I make exceptions for the Vikings, Huns and Mongols, and North American history pre-Age of Exploration.

I love soccer, and cheer for more teams than I can usually remember. If I've got them right they are: Aston Villa Villains, Bolton Wanderers, Crystal Palace Eagles, Middlesbrough, and Wigan Athletics in England; Real Madrid, Villareal and Real Betis in Spain; Atalanta in Italy; Mainz in Germany; and PSV in the Netherlands.

Country wise I cheer for Canada, Croatia, Ireland, Greece, Mexico, the Netherlands, Turkey, Paraguay and Uruguay.